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About Our Charlotte Tree Services:

We offer a variety of tree services to homeowners and business owners in the area who need tree care and maintenance for their property. Our experts are experienced, fully licensed and insured to handle all your needs. Our top Charlotte tree services for residential and commercial tree care include:

Tree Removal Charlotte NC: Did you recently purchase a residential or commercial lot with a lot of trees? If you need to make room for parking spaces, a sidewalk, and – the most important piece of your real estate – a building or house, then TreeBien is at your service! We specialize in tree removal and lot clearing for residential and commercial lots in the Charlotte area and would be glad to provide you with a free estimate in person! Call us today at 704.207.0842 to get a quote for your Charlotte tree removal needs. For more details on tree removal and lot clearing in Charlotte NC, check out this page.

Tree Pruning Charlotte NC: When searching the web for “tree service Charlotte NC,” be sure to look for arborists that specialize in spikeless tree pruning. Using spikes can result in a lot of damage to your trees. Our Charlotte tree service experts are fully aware of how to care for your trees so as to enhance the aesthetic quality of your property and ensure they live a long life. Tree pruning can improve the look of your lawn and allow for more sunlight to shine on your lot. It’s important to trim and prune your trees regularly, especially considering that a home is a lifelong investment. Contact us today for a free estimate, and click here for more information on the benefits of tree trimming and pruning.

Charlotte NC Storm Damage: Don’t let summer and winter storms get you down! We all know how crazy and unpredictable the weather can be in the Carolinas. That’s why our Charlotte tree service experts are always on hand to take care of your tree maintenance needs. Whether a tree has fallen on your roof or you’re the victim of a power outage due to a branches falling on power lines after a Charlotte ice storm, we can help! Contact us for a free estimate, and learn more here about our emergency storm damage tree service.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Charlotte NC: Need someone to remove all those unsightly tree stumps from your yard? We specialize in stump grinding and stump removal in Charlotte NC for residential and commercial properties and would be happy to take care of your stumps for you! Stump removal can improve the aesthetic quality of your landscape, keep termites away, and make room for other necessary structures, like a fence or a swing set. Whatever your reason for needing to remove a stump or set of stumps, our experts will provide you with guidance and ensure your property is well taken care of. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. Give us a call for a free estimate, or read more about the benefits of stump removal and stump grinding in Charlotte NC.

Firewood Charlotte NC: Whether you have a fire pit in your back yard, a wood fireplace in your home or you own a restaurant with a wood-fired oven, our firewood service is a convenient way to supply your needs all season long. We source only the best wood, directly from the trees we remove as part of our Charlotte tree removal service. You can be sure that it’s dry and will burn for hours. Also, you shouldn’t find it difficult to light our firewood, but if for some reason you do, our experts are happy to provide you with the education and guidance to help you get a good, hot fire started! If you’re in need of a Charlotte firewood supplier, call us today, and we’ll give you a free quote! Learn more about our firewood supply service.

Deadwooding: Dead and dying wood is the perfect environment for pesky insects as well as a haven for disease which can end up causing long-term damage to your property. It also breaks and falls easily, which can result in damage during stormy seasons. For these reasons, it’s important to inspect your home or commercial lot regularly for dead and dying tree limbs. Our deadwooding Charlotte NC experts can help. Our team is licensed, insured and certified and will assess all trees on your property for dead or dying wood. If necessary, we’ll remove any trees that pose a threat, while being careful to maintain the integrity of your property by helping necessary trees to thrive with regular tree pruning and maintenance. Let us improve your treescape! Call us today for a free quote on Charlotte NC tree care. Learn more about our deadwooding tree service.

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