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7 Reasons to Plant More Trees

Trees are essential to our human survival. Without trees, our environment would be void of oxygen. We sure do cut a lot of them down for paper and such (although that seems to be decreasing in the digital age).

As a Charlotte tree service company, we specialize in tree care and tree removal, but you may be surprised to learn that we won’t always advise you to cut down a tree. We only advocate tree removal if a tree is diseased or dying and cannot be remedied with pruning, or if land must be cleared in order to erect a building or complex that’s sure to improve our local economy.

Otherwise, we make every effort to keep as many trees thriving as possible. And in the event that one or more must be cut down, we will advocate for new ones to be planted, simply because of the many benefits trees provide. Here are 8 benefits of trees–all reasons to plant more and chop less!

#1. Air purification. In addition to being a great source of the oxygen in our environment, trees also help to keep the air clean. In fact, one study found that people in areas with fewer trees actually suffer from more instances of heart disease and respiratory disease. As natural air purifiers, they remove many harmful particles from the air allowing us to breathe easier.

#2. Water purification. Did you know that trees also filter water? Cities surrounded by forests only need to perform minimal extra filtration on their water, because the trees do most of the job for them naturally.

#3. Crime prevention. It may sound strange, but crime is actually less prevalent in neighborhoods with a lot of trees. While we’re not exactly sure why, researchers believe that more greenery produces a calming effect wherein neighbors feel more comfortable associating with each other, increasing trust within their communities.

#4. Better mental health. Again, trees produce a calming effect that contributes to one’s mental health, in addition to providing physical health benefits as well. Have you ever noticed that you feel better after taking a walk in the woods? That’s because nature contributes to your overall well-being, and the mental and physical affect each other.

#5. Fewer floods. Trees can hold a very large amount of water. Areas with more tree coverage help to prevent the flooding that may occur in inner city and even suburban neighborhoods with more open landscapes.

#6. Shelter for other wildlife. Animals need shelter. By removing trees, we essentially make them homeless. By planting more trees, we’re providing more places for animals to take up their habitat, improving our planet’s biodiversity.

#7. Better curb appeal. Trees make your property look better and may even contribute to the positive mental attitude of prospective buyers who come to see your home. If you’re trying to increase your curb appeal and property value, it may be wise to start planting more trees a before you sell.

​You can either go about planting the trees yourself, or you can hire the best tree service Charlotte NC has to offer. (Hint: that’s us!) We’d be glad to help you improve your landscape with a few new tall boys. Give us a call today at (704) 207-0842 to discuss your needs and get a FREE estimate for tree planting.

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Tips for Charlotte Tree Care & Maintenance in the Fall

Prepping your trees for winter is an important task to ensure they last through the cold precipitation. If you live in Charlotte, you know it’s warm outside, so there’s still time to make sure your landscape is in good working order and able to withstand the coming elements. Follow these tips to care for your trees this fall so they’re adequately prepped for winter.

Tip #1: Ensure adequate hydration. You may think this isn’t necessary in the winter, but cold droughts can happen as easily as summer droughts, leaving your trees thirsty. While you won’t need to water them as much, an occasional thirst quencher can be a lifesaver for your landscape. Make sure you water when the trees and soil are cool but not frozen.

Tip #2: Prune your trees. Pruning is much easier once the leaves have fallen off, which is happening now! It’s the perfect time to hire a Charlotte tree pruning service to preserve the health of your trees and ensure they don’t stop growing. Removal of dead or weak branches will keep falling limbs from doing damage to your property during ice storms. Pruning also helps to relieve stress on trees.

Keep in mind that it’s important to prune at the proper time. Pruning at the wrong time can actually result in injury to your trees, making them more susceptible to further damage. Fall is usually a good time, but it depends on the tree and the conditions surrounding it. Consult with a professional tree service company to determine if pruning your trees in the fall is a good idea.

Tip #3: Plant new trees. Cooler weather conditions optimize root growth in new trees, making fall the perfect time to plant! It may seem counterproductive as trees are shedding their leaves and becoming bare, but planting now will allow roots to establish themselves and get ready for top growth once the spring showers and summer warmth return.

Tip #4: Don’t forget to fertilize. Hot summers and cold winters result in soil nutrient depletion, robbing your trees of the vital nutrients they need to survive and thrive. Applying a slow-release fertilizer in the fall will help to ensure adequate nutrition, while also strengthening your trees and making them better able to resist damage from insects, disease, and harsh weather. They’ll regain nutrients lost over the summer, continue to feed through the cold season, and be ready to bloom again come spring!

Tip #5: Add mulch. In addition to fertilization a thin layer of mulch under your tree can help ensure adequate nutrient and water retention, while reducing extreme temperatures in the soil. It basically acts as a blanket to give your trees an added protective layer. Consider it an inexpensive “insurance policy” for your trees.

We get a lot of calls in the winter, due to tree storm damage that could easily be prevented through proper fall tree care and maintenance. Take a proactive approach and call us today at (704) 207-0842 for a FREE estimate on tree service in Charlotte NC!

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