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Tree Pruning 101: From a Charlotte Tree Service Expert!

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If you have recently entered the tree-growing business, you have probably heard the terms “trimming” or “pruning” tossed around by veteran arborists. Well, I have something to admit. For several years, I did not understand what pruning was until I became a tree expert myself. I heard the term a whole lot but never really felt comfortable asking somebody what it was. Although it would certainly have benefited my gardening and tree growth hobbies at the time, I was also too proud to ask. I’ve found that pride is the factor for the failing of numerous fantastic undertakings; if I had simply asked someone what pruning was, I wouldn’t have undergone a few of the catastrophes that occurred throughout my first years of horticulture.

Trimming is the removal of unnecessary or dead branches to encourage the development of blossoms. Typically a tree will certainly end up devoting power to branches that don’t need it, while neglecting branches which are bearing more fruit. You will certainly begin to see growth in the other ones if you get rid of the branches that are taking all the nutrients. Trimming also keeps the tree fit by maintaining evenness of the branches. This keeps it from becoming weighed down on one side. Having too many branches on one side could cause the tree to end up being completely uneven.

Lots of gardeners do not even consider pruning their trees till they start to bear fruit. This is a big blunder, and you must never neglect to look after a tree even if it hasn’t yet begun to produce. During the whole process of development, you should trim the tree in a manner that is even and uniform. After that, when it does start to produce fruit, the results will certainly be dramatically higher. It is really simple to tell the difference between trees that have been pruned consistently during their growth, and ones that have been overlooked. If a tree has been trimmed, normally its form appears a lot more natural.

The first thing to look for when you start trimming is any branches which are infected or dead. Do not be reluctant at all in cutting these guys off, as they are absolutely nothing but harmful to the health and wellness of your tree. If this is the case, just wait until the tree is flowering. It will become obvious through a lack of growth.

Second, look for branches that are growing too close to all of the other ones. If a branch grows at such a length and angle that the end is alongside all the various other branches, they may wind up crowding each other out. Take off the smaller sized of both branches to permit the larger one to have the breathing room that it requires. This same rule relates to the weight balance of your tree. Occasionally, for reasons we will never comprehend, a tree will expand several branches on one side and may easily become lopsided through an uneven distribution of weight.

For the very first three years of a tree’s development, it requires pruning that complies with more “formative” standards. After the tree is well developed, you will want to use “regulative” trimming to maintain it to the size and shape that you would like it to be.

As a professional arborist and the the owner of Charlotte tree service company, I don’t usually recommend DIY pruning. If you need assistance with your tree maintenance, give us a call (704) 207-0842 for a free estimate!

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