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5 Ideas on What to Do with Stumps in Your Yard

Tree stumps in your yard can be an eyesore or a nuisance but they do not have to be. We are going to be covering 5 ways to turn those pesky tree stumps into something creative and useful. If you find that you have a tree stump that is purely in the way and you need it gone, then we recommend finding a local tree service provider who specializes in Charlotte stump grinding and stump removal.

  • Tree Stump Bird Bath. This idea is perfect if you are a fan of bird watching and have a stump to put to use. You can take the top bowl section of an old bird stand and simply place it on top of a sanded down and leveled tree stump. Calling a tree service provider who specializes in Charlotte stump grinding may be necessary if you are dealing with a tall stump. If your tree stump is already pretty much level and you do not wish to flatten it out, just use some Blue-Tac and you are good to go!
  • Tree Stump Tree House. This idea is a bit more labor-intensive but works out great if you wanted to build a tree house anyway and have a tree stump. You can save yourself a lot of labor by using the existing tree stump as the base for your tree house. So what if it’s not technically a tree house? It’ll still look really awesome!
  • Tree Stump Planter. If you are looking to add a pop of color to your yard, this idea is a great way to go. It may take a bit of work but it is relatively easy and an instructional video can easily be found on YouTube. This is another instance where you may need a company that does Charlotte stump grinding if looking for a low planter.
  • Tree Stump Table and Chairs. Say you are looking for a nice outdoorsy area to eat, relax or for the kids to do arts and crafts. You can put your artistry to work and create a cool outdoor table and chairs. If the height of your stump needs to be lowered for the purpose of a kid’s table you may want to consider hiring someone who does Charlotte stump grinding to take it down a bit. Otherwise, just take a wooden tabletop and fasten it to the stump and decorate as you see fit. You can use wooden logs as chairs around the table.
  • Elf House Tree Trunk. Unfortunately, you cannot go into the house but it makes for some cool and imaginative lawn art. All you have to do is place a small wooden roof on top of the stump and cut out an area for a fake door and BOOM! You have got yourself an elf house.