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A Day in the Life of an Arborist in Charlotte

The day starts early at the crack of dawn, usually with some bagels and coffee. After finishing this delicious breakfast of champions, it’s time for the pre-job meeting. At this meeting we get up with the team and discuss the day’s challenges. At these meetings we will go over team roles to make sure every aspect of the job is covered and everyone is doing their part. A day in the life of an arborist in Charlotte is not always a glamorous tree-climbing adventure, but when you love what you do it is always rewarding.

Before heading to the first job site, the team will go over what equipment is needed for the job. This is imperative in making sure we have all the tools necessary to get the job done. After the job is described in detail, then we will discuss proper execution and decide which tools are needed. It is also wise to discuss any issues that may occur on site and properly plan for the tools you need if those issues arise.

Next, the team will go over any possible site or tree hazards that may occur while on site. Safety is something we keep in mind and is always a priority at every moment throughout the day. An arborist spends hours and hours on safety training and it is always ongoing. The safety of our arborists should be a company’s top priority and taken very seriously.

Lastly, before heading out, we will talk about the customer’s expectations for the job we are about to start. The team will talk about what the client is looking for and address any concerns that they may have about getting the job done. This is an important step to help facilitate open communication between the team and the customer. After talking everything out, it is time to head to the job site. All this preparation will ensure that you become the best arborist Charlotte has to offer.