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Billy Graham Library

The Billy Graham Library is a museum dedicated to the Christian evangelist Billy Graham that opened in 2007. Its shape resembles a dairy farm. The library is located inside the grounds of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, a 40,000 square foot complex in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ground itself is lovely and serene, with lots of flowers and lush greenery all around. It feels like you’re walking into a church.

As you approach the library, a large wooden barn greets you. Above the main door is a 40-foot glass window in the shape of a cross. Beside it is a grain silo. The whole set up is made to look like the very barn where Billy Graham first started his ministry. Inside there’s a gallery that displays numerous memorabilia, video clips and other items highlighting Graham’s ministry throughout the years.

One of the more notable features in the library is a talking cow that is made to remind visitors of Graham’s past living on a farm. There’s also an entire area of the library dedicated to Ruth Bell Graham, the wife of Billy Graham. The library’s bookstore is also named after her, called Ruth’s Attic, which is full of books about Billy and his ministry. Near the library, itself is the Prayer Garden. The Prayer Garden is Ruth’s final resting place. She was buried there on June 17, 2007.

Near the library is a replica of Billy Graham’s childhood home. The home is a reconstruction to the original and relocated to the grounds near the library. It contains many of the items and furniture that Billy once used, giving you a glimpse of what life must have been like for them. You’ll also get to see photos of the Graham family within the walls of the house.

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