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A Tree Service of Excellence

If you live in the Carolinas, you have a broad spectrum of types of trees on your property, especially if you own a considerable amount of property. The Carolinas are known for having a wide variety of vegetation, but this requires specialized Carolina tree service. Tree Bien is a Carolina based tree service, and we know that with tree variety comes a variety of needs for your trees, and we can cover them all. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Outside the Box

To begin with, we do more than care for live trees on your property. We know that the weather in the Carolinas can be temperamental, and many people need firewood from September through the end of Spring. And we offer a firewood subscription service for homeowners who want to use firewood to keep warm, and it’s the best hassle-free way to maintain a stock of firewood all through the cooler months. This is a vital part of our Carolina tree service, because we value the convenience of our customers and are happy to oblige through this subscription service.

Tree Services 

We also do traditional tree services for our Carolina tree service customers. We test for disease and possible deadwood, and we treat trees in danger of issues before they can die. We help our homeowners have lush woodland areas that thrive and grow, and we protect their homes from tree-fall and emergency tree removal.

Emergency Removal

 We deliver firewood, care for trees, and we perform emergency tree removal. Bad things happen and trees fall, and they can unfortunately damage your property. We are experts in removing trees and we do it without causing more damage to your property. We value your property as much as you do, and we are committed to cleaning up the mess trees can cause with professionalism and before more damage can occur.

As you can see, we at Tree Bien can do it all. We can handle all your tree and wood needs, and we will do it with the best customer service you’ve ever seen. We are committed to seeing your property flourish, and we will make it more vibrant than you’ve seen before. We’ll protect your property and your trees. Give us a call to see what we can do for your tree-life.