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The value of property is often assessed by what is presently on the property to include the plant life. Trees provide not only a higher property value when cared for, but also offer shade, physical beauty and anchor points to discourage soil erosion. A Charlotte tree service is available to provide services for your landscape that will keep the value of the property up and aesthetic beauty continuing for many decades to come.

Though trees grow at a slow pace compared to other plant life present in the landscape, taking care of trees requires some expertise to keep them healthy and looking their best. A Charlotte tree service can provide you with long lasting results. Professional tree services many times offer year-round contracts that cover everything from trimming a broken limb to actually moving a tree to a different location.

There are several practical reasons why one would want to hire a Charlotte tree service. A tree planted too close to the foundation of a building can cause the foundation to crack a buckle. Removing such a tree is something of a task because you have to be careful where the cut tree will fall. To avoid property damage and physical damage to yourself it is well worth the money to hire experts to come in and remove the tree.

A reputable Charlotte tree service can be found with a little investigation. Do not hesitate to ask for references, to see their licenses and ask if they are insured in case of any accidents. Most reputable companies that provide tree services will have an arborist on staff along with well-trained service personnel.

When the arborist first comes to the property, they will do a survey of the types of trees that are present, what trees may be a problem, and what actions should be taken to prevent damaged or unhealthy trees. After consulting with you, a plan of action is formed. This would be the time to initiate negotiations for a year-round contract with the company so that your trees remain healthy and always looking their best. Contact a Charlotte tree service today to get a maintenance plan in place for your trees.