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Cost of Removing a Tree

What is the Cost of Removing a Tree?

Humans get a lot of benefits from trees. However, there are cases when these trees become hazardous to the community. At times like this, you need to think of the welfare of the community first. Whenever a tree imposes harm to people, there’s nothing you can do but to remove it from the ground before it causes disaster.

It’s highly advisable to hire the tree removal service companies to do the job for you. These companies have a team of professional arborists and tree experts that will do the job efficiently and effortlessly. Although the cost of removing a tree can be quite expensive, it will surely be worth saving the lives of many people.

The average cost of removing a tree is around $500 – $1000. If you look at that price range, it’s quite a large sum of money. If you think it’s too much, then you should start looking alternative ways to remove the tree or look for a company offering lower prices.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Removing a Tree

When you talk about the cost of removing a tree, there are several factors that you need to consider. The prices for professional tree removal job greatly vary depending on these factors. Here are some of the most important factors affecting the cost of removing a tree:

  • Size of the tree
  • Obviously, the size of the tree mainly determines the price of removing it. For instance, the cost of removing a shrub is way cheaper than the cost of removing an old oak tree.
  • Level of expertise required for the job
  • Removing trees require a certain degree of expertise. You can’t expect novice arborists to take down an enormous fig tree. Since the removal of trees exposes the arborist to various risks, then it’s only fitting to give him the amount that would compensate that trouble.
  • Time required to finish the job
  • There are arborists who charge by the hour, rather than charging a fixed price based on the size of the tree. The harder and sturdier the tree is, the more time is required to remove it. Naturally, you need to spend more money in removing a hard and sturdy tree.
  • Geographical location of the tree
  • There are local and national tree care services. Generally, local tree care services are cheaper compared to national companies because they don’t have to travel miles just to reach the person who hire them.