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Hindu Center

Charlotte’s Hindu Center is one of the leading places that cater to the city’s sizable Indian community. The center sits along City View Dr. in a location that’s relatively near the city center, in a relatively quiet subdivision.
The Hindu Center is primarily a place of worship for the Hindi community. The main section is reserved for regular services and events. It is a small hall with statues of Hindu deities displayed against the back wall, with the rest of the congregation facing them like an audience. Aside from worship services, the center also engages in religious education and cultural enrichment classes, like dance and yoga. It has its own Sunday program for kids’ religious studies called the Children’s Religious Oriented Program or CROP.
You can reserve the second section for special occasions and events. It is often rented out for birthday parties, wedding receptions, and community gatherings. The house adjacent to the center serves as the primary residence of the priest
The center was the brainchild of a group of community volunteers and engineers from the Duke Power Co. Since the 1980s it also served as a place for many Indian families to educate their children about their rich cultural heritage and religious customs. They usually just met in community houses or local restaurants. These families also lacked a formal place of worship ever since they settled in Charlotte since the 1960s.
So in early 1981, plans for the center were drafted, and a 2.4-acre piece of land was purchased later that year. Construction began in earnest soon after, and the Hindu Center opened to the public on July 24, 1982. Since then, the center has expanded to about 9.3 acres.

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