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Historic Latta Plantation

The Historic Latta Plantation is a historic plantation complex located inside the greater 1,343-acre Latta Nature Preserve in Huntersville, North Carolina. Built back in the 1800s, it was once a cotton plantation and farm and included a Federal-style house, called the Latta House. It is a site officially recognized by the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

The house itself is a living museum made to replicate the essence of the 1800s in North Carolina. It is composed of the main house and eleven other surrounding structures. The self-guided tour will give you plenty to learn. But for a more in-depth tour, the Tar Heel Tour is recommended. The tour provides “behind-the-scenes” access to the plantation, together with added trivia and insider information.

The plantation, once owned by merchant James Latta and his family, gives a glimpse into the farm life of rural Mecklenburg back in the 1800s. An Irish immigrant, Latta settled into this location after a successful stint traveling around the United States in 1820. He then turned it into a 742-acre cotton plantation with 34 slaves working for him.

Upon his death in 1837, the house passed ownership into the hands of Crescent Land and Timber. The company used it as a temporary location to rent out to farmers but eventually abandoned in the 1950s. Years later, the citizen-formed group Latta Place Inc took over the property and restored it to what it is today. It then donated it to Mecklenburg County, together with the surrounding areas, to form the Latta Nature Preserve.

The Latta Plantation hosts plenty of special events, summer camps, and educational programs. These range from staged reenactments of historical events, traditional cotton making process, honeybee exhibit, and much more. Over 12,000 students visit it annually for their field trips.

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