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Ray’s Splash Planet

Ray’s Splash Planet is the largest indoor water park in both North and South Carolina. It is run and operated by the Parks and Recreation division of Mecklenburg County. The facility has an area of 29,000 square feet and uses approximately 117,000 gallons of water at any given time.
As with any water park, the highlight of Ray’s Splash Planet is its water slides. Their flagship is the Blue Comet, a 3-story water slide that’s in the shape of figure eight. Swimmers can enjoy a thrilling, fast-paced ride that ends in a big splash! A shorter, less intense ride is the Saturation Station. It is made up of four slides and features interactive water features such as tumble buckets. For a spinning, good time, the Vortex whirls swimmers around in a current pool.

For a calmer experience, the Lazy River allows you to ride on a tube that floats in a canal circling the Blue Comet slide. The Meteor Shower is made of buckets that slowly fill up with water and splash anyone underneath them without warning. Sun Drop squirters periodically squirt swimmers with a refreshing blast of water.

For their pool needs, swimmers have two options. The younger kids can wade through the Moon Beach, an entry pool that simulates a gentle beach shore. For older kids or adults, the Sea of Tranquility is a two-lane pool that’s suited for lap swimming, water basketball, and water volleyball.
An unusual feature for a water park, the second floor of Ray’s is dedicated to its Fitness Center. Fitness nuts have plenty of workout options with its fully equipped gym that overlooks the rest of the water park. They also offer exercise programs in aerobics, yoga, and martial arts, and has something for everyone regardless of age, fitness level or interest.

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