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Tree Service – No job is too big or small!

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– We do the best backyard maintenance, quick fixes for all residential homes, and commercial spaces, both big and tiny
– Local top-notch customer service nearby that is affordable and professional
– Highly rated in the Blakeney area because we are experienced, licensed, insured, and bonded
– A true certified arborist contractor that performs emergency consultations for removals both large and small for a great price
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Did you just move into Blakeney, and your new lawn is a mess? Or do you want to up your game and give your yard a major facelift? Whatever it is, you’ll most likely need the help of a certified tree service company. But finding one is no easy feat.

Let Treebien end your search today!

We are a company that specializes in tree removal and care. Our team is composed of arborists, tree surgeons, and specialists with decades of experience in the field. Each one of them is fully licensed and insured, so you’ll know we can generate results while giving you peace of mind.

Our passion is in going above and beyond to deliver the best service possible to our clients. Whether you need complete tree removal or just routine pruning, we’ll be there. There’s no job that’s too big or small for us. Call today, and we’ll give you a free consultation and quotation!

Arborist & Tree Surgeon – Open 24 hours

Emergency Tree Removal – certified, licensed, experts

Emergency Tree Removal Charlotte NC - TreeBien Tree Care 2215 Winter Street Charlotte NC 28025 - (704) 207-0842

– Local contractors who are certified, licensed, bonded, insured, and highly rated in the area
– Professional tree surgeon contractors who do emergency removals, both residential and commercial, and expert shrub care services
– Find a specialist who has the best reviews for affordable home maintenance, and installations nearby
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Harsh and unpredictable weather is one of your trees’ worst nightmares. Forceful winds, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms can weaken and damage even the sturdiest of trees. The worst-case scenario is that they fall down and damage your property.

Unfortunately, this is just part of the territory of being a yard owner. And if you happen to have a tree fall on your property, you need to get that sorted out immediately. If it knocks down an electric line, for instance, it can be a source of fires.

Treebien is just one call away in helping you remove any trees or debris after a storm. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we guarantee we’ll be there whatever time of day you need us. Because what’s the point of being an emergency service if you can’t be there all the time?

Once our team is at your location, we’ll assess the damage and figure out the best course of action to it up. We’ll even fix the rest of your yard so it’ll be back just the way it used to be!

Debris Removal Service – Beautify your yard!

Dead tree clean-up – affordable, reasonable, and safe

deadwooding tree service Charlotte NC

– Our top contractors can perform simple maintenance on both residential and commercial projects both big and small
– We are licensed, bonded, and certified for all tree removals
– Professional, trusted, affordable and local experts with the best reviews
– Find a 24-hour tree surgeon that is highly rated nearby to protect and care for your home in Blakeney
– Experienced and qualified to provide emergency storm damage removal services

Deadwooding is the process of cutting off any weak, diseased, or rotting branches from your tree. This is done so that the infection is stopped from spreading to other parts of the tree. Left alone, it can even infect other plants in your yard!

Ever heard the saying, “prevention is better than a cure”? Well, deadwooding is precisely that – a preventive measure. By dealing with dead tree limbs sooner rather than later, you lessen the risk of them falling off and damaging your house or injuring you. They can also house insects and fungus, which can be a pain to get rid of later on.

Our team of tree experts can come in and survey the trees and shrubs in your lawn. They have a critical eye to determine which branches need to be removed. They would also know precisely where to cut to maximize removal. And they have the knowledge and experience to make a judgment call if deadwooding or complete tree removal is the best course of action to take.

Contractor – Call us for emergencies 

Tree Removal – Here for you through all the Carolina Storms

tree removal charlotte nc - TreeBien Tree Care 2215 Winter Street Charlotte NC 28025 - (704) 207-0842

– A highly rated, professional maintenance contractor committed to ensuring the best expert customer service
– Residential and commercial tree surgeon specialists who are licensed, bonded, insured, and certified for both big and small removals
– Your search for a “local, top experienced emergency tree removal company near me,” on google ends right here with us
– Experts in our field, trusted by many homeowners for large and small shrub projects. Book a consultation from a reliable source nearby
– Check out our reviews, we have affordable prices, and give free consultations

Sometimes, despite deadwooding and intensive maintenance, trees are destined to be disposed of. It might be because the rot and decay have gotten to the point that they become irreversible. In cases like this, where the death of the tree is inevitable, removing it is your best bet.

By removing it prematurely, you lessen the risk of it falling on its own and potentially damaging your house or injuring you. Treebien can come in and extract it in the safest way possible. We know the right techniques to cut it the proper way and to let it fall appropriately, so as not to damage the surrounding areas.

Tree removal is a complicated and dangerous process, but rest assured we’re skilled to pull it off. What’s more, all of our workers are licensed and insured. This means that you won’t be liable in the off chance that injury occurs.

Landscaper – Let’s start a new project together.

Tree Trimming – We climb all heights and provide quick quotes.

tree trimming charlotte nc - TreeBien Tree Care 2215 Winter Street Charlotte NC 28025 - (704) 207-0842

– We are experienced local tree surgeon specialists that are certified to do big/large and small shrub jobs in an emergency
– 24 hour service in the Blakeney area of Charlotte, NC + free estimates and consultations. Licensed, bonded, and trusted by homeowners. See our reviews!
– Find a contractor expert nearby that is professional, highly rated, and performs both residential and commercial services

Trimming is the controlled removal of specific branches or parts within a tree. Mostly, this is done as a precautionary measure. If done right, it can help stop rotting or decay even before it starts to spread. It can also strengthen the overall tree by removing weak branches and focusing the tree’s nutrients to the remaining healthier branches.

However routine pruning is, you don’t want to do it yourself, especially if you’re not trained to do so. First, climbing a tree is always dangerous. You can get injured from falling, or injured while using your cutting tools. You also need to cut it the right way, or else trimming won’t be as effective.

In cases like these, it’s best to call in the experts like us here at Treebien. We have been successfully trimming trees for decades, so we have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right.

Excavating Contractor – Commercial & Residential

Lot clearing – Making sure all trees are taken down, and land cleared

local tree service removal company

– We can provide our local services for home, residential, and commercial projects and come highly rated
– Professional, experienced, and truly the best company nearby offering free estimates
– Top contractors In the area with great reviews at a great price
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Clearing an entire lot full of trees sounds expensive. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be.

Our team of tree removal and excavation experts have done tons of clearing operations in the past. They have all the required know-how to perform mass tree removal in the fastest way possible and with the least amount of cost.

If you’re still skeptical, give us a call today! We’ll send you a free price quotation that shows the great value we offer to our clients!

About Blakeney – Charlotte, NC

Blakeney is a master-planned neighborhood located in between upscale Ballantyne and the Arboretum. Its center is the intersection between Rea and Ardrey Kell Roads. The area takes its name from the eponymous shopping complex located in the neighborhood. The complex is named after James A. Blakeney, a native of South Carolina. After the civil war, he and his family settled into what is now Blakeney and amassed several properties in the area.

A historical point of interest is the former house of James A. Blakeney. Constructed in 1901, it still stands today and is worth over $1.5 million. Aside from the Blakeney shopping complex, residents are close enough to Ballantyne that its dining and nightlife are easily accessible to them.