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Harrisburg, NC

Treebien Tree Care Services Harrisburg, NC

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With certified experts on the ground, Treebien Tree Care Service offers both large and small tree care services at affordable prices. If you are in dire need of solving your tree problems, Treebien Tree Care Services is your best option.

Tree pruning is vital as it makes the landscape beautiful and appealing to the eye. Similarly, routine maintenance of trees is beneficial as it will keep the trees healthy for a longer time. Even so, tree trimming is only helpful if done correctly to avoid unwanted damage to trees.

Would you like to create space for a new structure or farm? Our lot-clearing services come in handy. We have qualified and licensed professionals who can carry out safe and efficient tree removal. With the introduction of new and better machinery, we are your best option for this service. We can clear residential lots as well as commercial areas for you in Harrisburg, NC, today or any time you need it.

As well as looking unsightly, dead trees harbor pests. Deadwooding (removing fallen trees and branches) is your answer to this problem. Where necessary, we can also remove dying or deadwood or trees that may lead to extensive damage to your property. Don’t let pests get comfortable around deadwood, act now to stop them! Call 1 704-207-0842 now for a free estimate.

At Treebien Tree Care Service, we provide emergency tree removal. It’s your answer to fallen trees brought down by fierce windstorms or hurricanes. We have qualified experts on the ground to deal with these emergencies and will dispatch them to your home quickly when you contact us.

About Harrisburg, NC:

Inhabited in the 18th century by mostly Scotch-Irish people, Harrisburg, NC, is in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. It occupies a total area of 11.15 square miles, and an estimate put its population at 16,075 in a census conducted in 2018. It is known for its fine-quality schools, such as Hickory Ridge Elementary and High School. Within 100 miles of Harrisburg are 35 community and junior colleges, including Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in the city itself.

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