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Tree Service Monroe, NC

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Do you need help maintaining the quality and value of the trees, lawn, shrubs, and plants around your home? Call on a solid company to offer you the best services in town. Our tree service Monroe NC professionals are an amazing team of arboriculture experts with years of experience. Our tree care service company is the best at making sure we understand what you need done and that the job is done on time.

We are customer oriented, and we go out of our way to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. We are continually trying to offer tree care service across all our locations in the region we serve. We value our services and our customers’ appreciation for what we do. Our team goes above and beyond to understand what you need done for your property and to provide affordable prices as well as the best approaches of fixing your tree care problems. If you need a company to offer premium tree services for your home while having the best arborists in town, look no further. Our tree service Monroe NC company is dedicated to providing and offering the best advice for all your tree service needs and questions.

For years we have provided and offered excellent service for your tree care needs in Monroe NC. Our services include:

Tree Removal: We have a team of great certified experts to help you with your tree removal needs for your property. If you have a tree on your property that you want to get rid of for any reason, we can remove it safely without harming and of the surrounding structure or landscape. Our team of professionals can also come assess the trees on your property to determine if any are dead or have dead limbs. You’ll want us to remove the deadwood asap for safety reasons!

Tree Maintenance Service: Trees can provide beautiful landscape, shade, and privacy for your space, but those that are near structures and other landscape need to be maintained properly. Our team of tree care professionals are highly trained in trimming and pruning your surrounding tress while making sure to not harm them.

Lot Clearing: Looking to build on a lot that needs clearing? Call Treebien Tree Care today to get started. Our professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable to ensure that the trees are removed properly, while keeping the ones you want to keep protected. You can count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently! If there are nearby structures, that’s okay too! We can navigate through the removal with safety as our first priority.

Emergency Tree Removal: If you have a tree that has fallen and caused an emergency issue, we offer 24 hour emergency tree removal services in Monroe NC & the surrounding areas. We will remove the tree as quickly as possible, while protecting the surrounding structures and landscape as much as possible.

More About Monroe, NC

Monroe is part of the developing Charlotte metropolitan area, and continues to grow daily. The city was incorporated in 1843, and was named after James Monroe, the 5th president of the United State. It quickly became the trading center for the agricultural areas of the piedmont region, which cultivated tobacco. When visiting Monroe, there are plenty of outdoor activities, parks, and vineyard to explore and get to know this beautiful city.