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Weddington, NC

Tree Care in Weddington, NC

If you are struggling to find a trustworthy tree service in Weddington, NC, to take care of your trees, make Treebien your No. 1 choice. We offer same-day tree trimming and tree removal services in North Carolina. We can also keep your yard in shape with our tree-maintenance services, ranging from small residential trimmings to bulk commercial tree care.

It is sad when you have to remove a tree, but it is for a greater good. Tree removal is our specialty, and we do it in a manner that is efficient, and most important, safe. With modern machines and specialized tools, we can clear your commercial or residential lot in Weddington, North Carolina, in no time.

Not all tree-pruning services are the same. Our team of certified arborists knows how to take care of your landscape without damaging it. Our pruning can help your trees remain healthy. Call us if you’d like to improve the look of your garden and overall view significantly.

Harsh climate, strong winds, and other weather conditions can weaken tree roots or branches. Prevention is key. Nature can be unpredictable sometimes, but we are here to clean up any mess caused by fallen trees. For any emergency tree removal, give us a call at (704) 207-0842, and we’ll be on our way as fast as possible.

Dead trees or branches are an accident waiting to happen. Deadwooding is a method of removing those potential risks and dangers, making you and your property safe. Aside from damaging your property, dead trees pose significant health risks as they harbor insects and pests that cause diseases.

An affordable yet effective choice, Treebien has a solution for all your tree maintenance problems.

About Weddington, NC:

The town of Weddington is in the suburban, northwestern corner of Union County, with some areas extending to the Mecklenburg county of North Carolina. In 1842, the General Assembly of North Carolina formed Union County, and Weddington owes its lineage to the old military areas of Sandy Ridge Township. From the 2010 census, the population of this town is 9,459, with 2,772 households and 2,561 families. The city covers a range of 15.9 square miles, of which 0.1 square mile is water.