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Deadwooding & Dead Tree Removal Charlotte NC

Deadwooding is the process of removing dead, dying or diseased branches from within a tree. Diseased or dead limbs can pose a health hazard to your trees, ultimately threatening the life of your landscape as a whole. It is also not very aesthetically pleasing.

Dead tree limbs provide the perfect environment for insects, which can become a nuisance to your property. They are also often home to fungus and disease that worsens and becomes harder to get rid of over time.

In addition to being a haven for disease and pests, dead tree wood is weak and falls easily during harsh weather conditions. In order to prevent injury to your property – or worse – the people residing there – you’ll want to have your trees inspected regularly for dead or dying wood before dead tree removal becomes necessary.

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Our certified team of Charlotte tree service experts can assess the trees on your property and will carefully remove any dead or dying wood before it poses a threat. We will also ensure the survival of healthy trees that don’t pose any risk.

Tree removal in Charlotte NC should be done sparingly, as trees provide both aesthetic and economic benefits to your landscape. Our certified arborists are experienced in Charlotte tree care and will know when the removal of limbs or entire trees is most appropriate to your specific situation.

We work with homeowners and public property owners to ensure a healthy landscape year round. Homes, as well as public parks, parkways, paths, parking lots and roads all require regular dead wooding maintenance. Our rates are very competitive and we are happy to see if we can beat the prices of any other Charlotte NC tree care company!

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CALL: 704-207-0842