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Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. Their goal is to combine fitness and fun through a place where adults and kids alike can enjoy bouncing around safely and securely. Sky Park has since expanded to multiple locations around the United States. Their Charlotte branch is located along Smith Corner Boulevard.

Sky Zone provides tons of trampolines and activities to suit any thrill and fun seeker. The Freestyle Jump is their signature area. It is filled wall-to-wall with trampolines and is one of the largest collection of trampolines in the entire Sky Zone. Visitors will have fun bouncing around and feeling the sensation of floating mid-air. The fully foamed surfaces ensure safe fun for everyone.

If you ever wanted to dunk like an NBA player, now’s your chance at the Skyslam. They have combined the jumping power of the trampoline with a basketball hoop to allow you the fantastic feeling of dunking the ball. Varying heights will cater to anyone regardless of their height or jumping prowess.

For a leveling up of a classic high school game, check out the Ultimate Dodgeball court. This new twist on the game will have players jumping and flying around to avoid the ball. It’s a growing sport that even has its own Ultimate Dodgeball League and an Ultimate Dodgeball Championship tournament.

Do you want to test your balance? Test it for yourself at the Sky Ladder where you to climb a shaky string ladder and plant the flag at the very top. If you fail and fall, don’t worry. A pool of soft foam cubes will break your fall. Nothing’s left to do but to try again.

There are tons more in store here – you can even duke it out American Gladiator style in the Battle Beam. Even small kids can join in on the fun in the Toddler Zone.

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