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Stump Grinding Prices

Most Affordable Stump Grinding Prices You Can Find Today

Stumps can be hazardous when not removed from the ground. Stumps allow trees to grow back unintentionally. When stumps are covered with grass or shrub, it might even cause you to stumble over and acquire some serious injuries.

Let’s say you’ve already decided to remove the stump from the ground, but you don’t have the right equipment or the knowledge to do so. This is the proper time to hire stump grinding service companies to do the job for you. However, there’s a question that most people want to ask – What is the cost of a stump grinding service?

It’s true that stump grinding prices are quite high, but it varies on a case to case basis. Before deciding on hiring professional help to remove the stump, you should first assess whether you are will to spend an average of $293 on stump removal.

Factors that Affect Stump Grinding Prices

Many people are questioning as to how stump grinding price can be too high. Actually, there are several reasons that affect the price of stump grinding service today. It would be better for you to know these factors so that you can assess whether to hire professional help or simply do it yourself.

Here are the factors that affect stump grinding prices:

  1. The size of the stump
  • The size of the stump to be removed greatly affects the cost of grinding service. The bigger the stump is, the more expensive it will be. It will take more time to completely remove the stump and it will require a more powerful grinding tool compared to smaller ones.
  1. Type of tree
  • Trees that are hard are quite difficult to remove, so it naturally makes the price of the service go up a notch.
  1. Condition of the soil
  • If the soil is hard, it will be more difficult for the arborist to reach the end of the trees roots.

Other factors include the root system of the tree, time required to finish the removal, geographical location, and many more.