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Tree and Stump Removal

Because tree and stump removal can be a complicated and dangerous job, only a professional should do it. If an unskilled person tries to remove a tree it just might result in the tree re-growing from a stump that was not removed properly. An inexperienced person could make mistakes that could lead to damage to people, cars, power lines, and homes. Some communities have firms that specialize in trimming or removing trees. Often, there are programs that will assist you in paying for tree and stump removal or even arrange for free removal. There are many reasons why a person wants a tree removed, which can include:

  • Planted in the way of a planned activity like installing a garden or creating a playing field for sports
  • The trees cast too much shadow on the home and other buildings
  • Start to die
  • Pose a safety risk
  • To protect the integrity of power lines
  • Their roots start to create cracks in pools or raise up pavement

When you call a professional for tree and stump removal, the first thing that they will do is an evaluation of the location and the tree. They will need to plan ahead to make sure that the tree will be removed safely with a minimum amount of damage to objects around it. The path of the way the tree will fall has to be calculated precisely, especially if it is close to power lines or a building. Once the tree professional has it mapped out, it will be necessary to climb the tree to trim away any major branches. By doing this it will allow for greater control over the way the tree will fall. It will also reduce a risk of secondary damage caused by breaking branches and falling limbs. Once the professional has reduced the branches of the tree, it can be cut down, sawed up, and then removed. It may be necessary to take the top off the tree before removing the remainder in order to reduce property damage risk.

After tree removal there is the stump that must be removed because it can be unattractive to look at, cause an obstruction to a walkway, or the stump could send up shoots and regrow the tree. A very large tree leaves behind a large stump that may require being dug out using mechanical equipment. If this does not work, it may need to be broken up using explosives and then hauled away. Make sure the tree and stump removal crews are licensed to handle explosives, have insurance and have the permits that may be required in order to use explosives within a metropolitan area. Tree and stump removal is not for the novice.