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Tree care in Charlotte NC is in no danger of not being needed. Driving around the city you have probably noticed the bands around all the trees. If you ever wondered what those bands are for, you are not alone. Charlotte is home to cankerworms that can wreak havoc on the local trees. Some years these canker worms can get out of control and do some damage. To get the best prevention and tree care Charlotte NC has to offer, you want to contact a tree service company that knows the area well so they can diagnose any issues correctly.

Cankerworms hit this area in springtime when the eggs begin to hatch. Even though cankerworms in most cases do not kill trees, they can weaken them and make them vulnerable and more susceptible to other insects, disease, age and drought. For this reason, we always recommend preventive care. Always keep a close eye on the possible damage these insects can cause. When looking for a company that provides tree care in Charlotte NC make sure you choose one that is familiar with the area’s wildlife and is knowledgeable of the trees that are native to the region.

Although the bands around the trees help with the cankerworms, Charlotte has not seen a reduction in the insects for over thirty years. City officials feel that it is Charlotte’s old willow oaks that help promote the annual infestation. Having been here in the Charlotte area for as long as we have, we’re all familiar with these pesky insets. We have seen first-hand the amount of damage they can cause over time. If gone ignored, it can become a more dangerous and expensive problem. We highly recommend that if you see possible damage from cankerworms that you call a tree care professional as soon as possible and get an expert opinion.