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Tree Care Service

Tree Care Service

A property is not only the building itself, but the lawn that surrounds it.  Often, a lawn or landscape consists of shrubs, flowers and most often trees.  However, to have trees there is a lot of care that is involved to ensure that the trees stay healthy and live for a long period of time.

When considering a tree service company to work on your landscape, be sure to find out if they take care of all of the services that you require.  Tree service includes the removal of trees when needed, pruning care of the trees and shrubs, planting, fertilization, treatment of the trees and inspection.  Tree care service can provide residential or commercial care, depending on your needs.

Alike, with tree care service comes soil care.  The soil where the trees live must be in impeccable shape to ensure a long life.  A tree care service professional can work on improving soil in a landscape and will work on soil aeration, as well as, decomposition of the soil.  Another aspect to consider are pests.  Pests can become troublesome in a variety of landscape situations where trees are involved.  Tree care service teams work to treat diseased trees through monitoring, treatment and inspection.

Once a tree is removed then a property, an owner must consider what to do with its stump.  Often, tree care service provides the option to have stumps grinded.  This option can leave no trace of the stump and provide the owner with wood chips for a variety of projects to come.  Tree care service can also assist an owner when trouble strikes and bad weather has left tree trouble in its wake.  During an inspection, the tree care service team can protect future trees from lightening and can work with the owner to remove trees from cable poles, telephone poles and more.