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Tree Bien Tree Care Services

At Tree Bien, we love trees. We aren’t exactly tree huggers, but we enjoy caring for trees and seeing our customers surrounded by shade and beautiful trees, and we love seeing natural wooded areas grow tall and lush. We’re committed to seeing this happen all over Charlotte through our tree care services. We know how to take seeds and make them grow into strong, tall trees, and if you put your trees in our hands you will never be disappointed.

From Seedling to Tall, Grand Tree

We don’t only love trees, but we’re experts in them. We know where each type of tree will thrive, and when our customers ask us to plant trees on their property they’re trusting that we know how to place trees and how to care for the seedlings and baby plants so they’re destined to grow tall and strong. We take care of the plant as needed through testing for disease and providing vital nourishment and care, and we take care to see your trees be strong and healthy. We can test for disease and deadwood to prevent further damage, and we remove trees when necessary so we can plant a healthy seedling where a dead tree currently stands. Our tree care services will give each tree it’s best shot.

Emergency Tree Removal

We know that despite all our best efforts, disaster can strike at any moment and trees can fall and damage your property. We know how to expertly remove any fallen trees and large branches to avoid further damage to your home, other trees, or other parts of your property. Often further damages are incurred through the removal process by inexperienced workers, but we are experts in handling the removal process with care, and we can promise to treat your property as we would our own. This is an important part of our tree care services.

We offer other miscellaneous services like firewood delivery and tree trimming, etc. We are fully equipped and prepared to handle any tree need you could throw our way, and we promise to execute it professionally, exceptionally, and with you in mind. Don’t settle for a tree care service that isn’t tres bien! Call Tree Bien for the best tree care service of your life.