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Tree Cutting Charlotte NC

At first you might think tree cutting is a pretty simple endeavor, but it is not simple or as easy as you first thought and is best left to the experts at a professional tree service. Safety is the main factor to consider when deciding to take down a tree. Your physical safety and the safety of any buildings or power lines are the most important issues when it is time to take a tree down. Professionals have the equipment and skills needed for tree removal. So if you are a resident of Charlotte NC that needs a tree service, read on and find out the how and why a professional tree service would be the best solution for you.

We have all heard cry, “Location, location, location”. This is especially true for trees and other plants in your landscape. To be sure that your trees are planted in the correct location, talk to an arborist who can help you discern what your trees may need. Some will require being removed by a tree cutting Charlotte NC service, either because they have been damaged in bad weather or because they were planted in the wrong location to begin with.

The types of trees that you include in your landscape matter. The silver maple is not a good tree to plant close to sidewalks, buildings or patios because the root system is shallow and could cause much damage as the roots spread out over time. What once seemed the ideal place for your silver maple could turn into a really bad mistake that can cost you a lot of money. The red oak or sugar maple are strong dense wood trees and the root system goes down several feet. These are a much better choice if you are planting in the yard or by the patio and will beautify your landscape for decades to come.

It is tempting to hire someone right off the street that owns a chainsaw and pickup truck. Don’t do this, because you will not get the quality of work you are looking for, and because most of the time these individuals simply do not know what they are doing. When looking for a reputable tree cutting Charlotte NC service, here are a few tips that may help you with the choice of the company you hire:

Know what it is that you need. Does the tree just need to be trimmed, or does the tree need to be removed? Deciding this is fairly easy if you get the advice of a certified arborist that can give you the information you need to make a smart decision.

Call several tree cutting Charlotte NC companies in the part of town in which you live. Each will have their own estimates, but a reputable company will want to do an on-site evaluation of the tree or trees that need removing.

Look into their references and make sure that the tree cutting Charlotte NC service has the equipment to do the job correctly. Their staff should include an arborist and trained personnel that can safely and correctly handle the equipment needed to remove a tree.

Tree cutting is dangerous business and the company you hire needs to have insurance just in case a mishap comes along. Call the insurance company and make sure the policy will cover any unforeseen accidents, such as a limb falling on a car or a building roof. This insurance also needs to cover the company personnel.

Always get a written estimate of the cost of the job. Once you decide on a tree cutting Charlotte NC service, have a contract written up that specifies the work that will be done, the cost and any removal of the debris after the tree comes down. Tree cutting can be safe, cost effective, and will beautify your landscape.