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Tree Cutting Service: What You Should Know

Trees are a valuable asset to the environment as well as to private and corporate properties. When trees are present in a landscape, the value of the real estate goes up. The aesthetic beauty of trees and the functionality has always been a major focal point in landscaping. Unfortunately, there are occasions when a tree must come down and it is then time to call in a professional tree cutting service. Tree trimming and pruning are a science all their own. A tree service can perform these jobs or advise you on how to do these jobs in order to keep your trees in good health and looking beautiful in the landscape.

Tree Cutting & Tree Removal 

Trees sometimes are in the wrong place at the wrong time. When planted, the tree may have served well where it was placed but as time passed the position became an inconvenience and the tree needs to be removed. A tree cutting service will evaluate the location and health of the trees in your landscape. After evaluation, recommendations on tree placement and tree removal will be made. An arborist can diagnose the trees in the landscape in order to better decide which trees might need to be removed due to disease or bad location. Damaged trees can be a hazard and trees that are infected with a disease can spread the disease to other trees. Tree cutting is sometimes the only answer to some of these problems.

Tree Cutting Safety

Taking a tree down requires expertise and equipment if it is to be done safely and correctly. A professional tree cutting service will have the safety equipment that is needed when taking down a tree, especially in a metropolitan area. Being able to bring the tree down without it landing on a roof, vehicle, road or buildings is best handled by experts that have been trained in tree removal safety. Reputable companies are licensed and bonded and carry insurance.

Tree removal leaves behind a stump that can sprout a new tree. Many do not know this and the tree starts growing right back even though you thought it was gone. Tree cutting service specialists will remove the stump along with the main tree. Leaving roots behind is often a mistake the inexperienced make. Tree care companies know that the stump and roots need to come out after tree removal to prevent the tree from re-growing or spreading disease.