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Tree Pruning Service

A professional tree pruning service will offer a very detailed survey of the areas of interest within a landscape. The items that the service professional will look for are soil type, terrain, natural landscape items such as boulders and natural borders, tree placement and the type of trees. Once the land is mapped out with all the flora and fauna, the service professional will be able to indicate improvements and additions to the existing trees, but may also recommend actually moving a tree to a different site location. The tree pruning service would be able to prepare the tree(s) to be moved and will be able to reduce the damage that might be done to unpruned branches during a move. A cost estimate accompanies the survey and mapping of the landscape.

Preparing the Land

When wanting to start over with the landscape, an excavation company will come in and bulldoze the land and then spread a foot-thick composted top soil. This can be done economically in many communities. The county often has to cut down, mulch and dispose of wood chips and compost. Sometimes the county just needs to put this nutrient-rich compost somewhere. What better place than your landscape site that is being renovated? Once the site is ready and seedlings have been brought in, a tree pruning service comes in handy to guide in the placement of trees, especially the ones that reach great heights. Some trees can be kept bush size with proper tree pruning. Once all the stones, tree stumps and other debris are removed, determining where the new items will be placed can be expedited with the professional advice of the tree pruning service.

If a patterned design is desired in the landscape, the professionals know how large a plant will get, where to place it in the design to give the best effect and what terrain is favorable to the designs you may wish to create. Small, different-colored flags can be placed as markers with a note attached so that everyone is clear on the placement of a tree and what kind of tree it is. When planting, there are different needs for each genre of tree or bush. Some trees will need consistent pruning and shaping to bring out their best qualities. A tree pruning service usually offers a year-round contract to keep your trees and landscape looking their best.