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Tree Pruning

The Importance of Tree Pruning

Mature trees in the landscape provide shade and beauty so pruning may seem out of the question. The trees may continue to bloom and leaf out with little or no maintenance for years. If it has been several years since the trees in your landscape have been pruned, it is time to call in an expert to enhance the trees before limbs tear or before disease sets in. Clearing a few branches from a tree can keep it strong and healthy as well as open up the canopy to allow the needed light for healthy growth.

Healthy trees through tree pruning

Seemingly healthy trees can get diseases through rips in the bark or wear and tear from animals like squirrels and birds. Trimming dead, damaged, or diseased branches helps eliminate the reasons a tree will start dying and eventually become unsightly in your landscape. Preventive pruning can allow the trees to continue to grow and enhance the aesthetics of the real estate, therefore giving better value to the property. Canopy thinning helps light reach the inside of the tree branches. Light is necessary for the tree to photosynthesize chlorophyll which feeds the tree. When branches rub together it is best to prune the weaker one back. Continued rubbing could rip the tree and cause damage at the cambium layer just under the bark. You can achieve healthy trees through judicious tree pruning.

Safety Concerns

Heavy branches that hang over a building, sewer system, a driveway or a road are dangerous to everyone. Pruning these large, heavy branches usually requires calling in professionals that are trained in tree pruning. Storms can cause damage to even the largest limbs. When these are simply hanging off a tree, not really connected but unable to go to the ground, another storm could very well knock that limb into a home or business or hit power lines. Safety is a concern when the tree is damaged and needs to be pruned. Tree pruning specialists are trained to address all these problems and can save the tree and prevent an emergency situation if the large limbs fall on buildings or people. For safety’s sake, call in a professional tree pruning service. It is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the large trees in your landscape.