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Six Manifestations of Dead or Dying Trees

Trees on your property contain aesthetic as well as commercial value for your property. Care and maintenance are needed to protect these investments. Caring for them often involves identifying any indications of sickness or disease that may threaten their longevity. This is something a tree removal Charlotte NC company will be able to assist you with.

Being aware of certain signs or symptoms will aid this process, but these things are not always easy to interpret. A certain amount of dead fall is natural with all trees and may not indicate an unhealthy occurrence.  Consulting a local tree removal Charlotte NC company to eliminate guess work is always a good idea. A professional opinion will provide you an accurate estimate of your tree’s health.

Warning signs which indicate trouble will vary according to the variety of tree. Generally speaking, there are at least six indicators that a good tree removal Charlotte NC company will consider when while examining the well-being of your timber.

  1. Splitting and Cracking: Significant cracks of splits may serve as a warning of trouble. Cankers, or holes where bark is missing, can also indicate the presence of sickness or disease.
  2. Decaying Spots: Soft crumbly pulp in the wood of your tree, as well as the presence of fungi, may indicate disease. This often occurs from the inside out.
  3. Insects: The presence of insects such as termites and carpenter ants on or around the trunk of a tree is usually an indication that the health of your tree has been compromised. This may ultimately result in the death of your plant.
  4. Early Seasonal Changes: Your tree’s foliage changing earlier than normal compared to the trees around it is an indication of a problem.
  5. Abnormalities in the Leaves: Abnormalities among the leaves, such as misshapen or discolored foliage and sometimes spotting is often a reliable sign that disease may be present.
  6. Deadwood: Lifeless looking wood which breaks easily can indicate that your tree is stressed and in trouble. Healthy branches will maintain a certain amount of flexibility and should not appear to be brittle. Pruning will help to control some of this, but a branch should never be able to be easily snapped off.

Always consult a local tree removal Charlotte NC company when in doubt as to the health of your trees. They can provide you with a professional diagnosis and an educated opinion, ensuring you of the current condition of your timber.