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Tree Removal Matthews NC

Having grown up in the Charlotte area, I have lived all around the outside of the city. As a kid I lived in Matthews NC with my family and one of the things I loved most about the area was the plethora of trees that cover the lovely neighborhoods. Even today with all its growth it still remains one of my favorite spots to drive through, due to all the tree cover. Having a lot of trees in your neighborhood seems to be lost among home builders nowadays, as contractors seem to like to completely clear the land to make as much room as possible for houses.

Growing up and being a kid in a neighborhood with a lot of trees was great and makes you feel closer to nature. This feeling leaves you more prone to stay outside and play, especially on hot days, since there is no lack of shady spots. You can actually almost feel the abundance of oxygen in the air due to the density of trees in the area. My friends and I would spend hours and hours riding our bikes through the woods and then park underneath the shade of a big oak to hydrate and relax. It seems these days you do not see too many kids playing for hours outdoors anymore and who knows? Maybe it’s because it’s hard to find a spot in the shade and rest.

Even though I am very fond of having the memories of growing up in a neighborhood full of trees, I do remember not being too fond of those pesky gumball trees. Those gumballs would cover the grass in our yard and wreak havoc! I couldn’t tell you all the times I played and fell down on a floor of gumballs and had to pull them off of my skin like tennis balls on Velcro. My dad did not care for them much either and had finally had enough with them at one point. He finally decided to remove the trees when he came across an ad that read “The best tree removal Matthews had to offer!” Ah, the power of advertising… My dad calls the tree service company and says, “Is this where I find the best tree removal Matthews NC has to offer?” The guy on the phone responded back… “If this ain’t the best tree removal Matthews NC has to offer than I don’t know what is!” All my dad had to say was “I got these gumball trees…” and the guy said “say no more.”

I do not recall the name of the company or if they are still in business. I do know that those gumball trees are still all around the area of Matthews NC today though. I like to think that there has been somewhat of a passing of the torch as I now am able to say the we provide the best tree removal Matthews NC has to offer. We are TreeBien and we remove pesky gumball trees, and we do it with professional precision and a smile on our face.