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Tree Removing Equipment

The Right Tree Removing Equipment

Having trees in your backyard can be visually pleasing. However, you sometimes need to have the tree removed so as not to create a hazard to the community. Tree removal services are quite pricey, so it’d be wise if you know how to properly cut down and remove the tree by yourself – but it’s not that easy.

If you want to really learn how to properly remove a tree, then you first need to learn about the different kinds of tree removing equipment that you can use. Every kind of equipment has its own specific function that must not be confused with another.

Kinds of Tree Removing Equipment

There are several kinds of tree removing equipment that you should familiarize well, in order to conduct a proper tree removal. Read on below to know each one of these trees removing equipment.

  1. Ax
  • This is one of the most primitive equipment available for cutting down trees. It’s only used for small trees because you need to manually use the ax to cut down the tree’s trunk and branches.


  1. Bucket Trucks
  • This advanced equipment is often used by commercial tree service companies. This equipment lifts the worker so as to reach the highest part of the tree that needs to be removed first.
  1. Log Loaders
  • After cutting down a huge tree, you need to transfer the logs somewhere in order to clear the area. The equipment specializes in loading the trunk and branches into a truck for easier transportation.
  1. Cranes
  • This is used when the tree that’s to be removed is surrounded by industrial buildings. It can lift portions of the tree so that it will not disturb the economic businesses happening on the ground.
  1. Stump Grinder
  • This is a special equipment that removes the remaining stump of a tree after cutting down the trunk.
  1. Wood Chipper
  • This is used to reduce huge logs into smaller wood pieces, for easier clearing purposes.

Now that you are aware of the different equipment used in removing trees, it’s about time you try learning the actual process of safely removing a tree.