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Tree service equipment

Having a nice property often allows an owner to have a great piece of land to landscape.  On the landscape are a variety of different trees that require care from time to time and professional tree care providers can assist in these types of tasks.  Tree service equipment can be simplistic for the beginner property owner and then more involved for a novice professional.  To start, the task requires proper trucks, other machines and then equipment to finish up the job in a clean and professional manner.

There are a variety of trucks to use when thinking of tree service equipment for a tree removal job.  Most often tracked aerial lifts are used because of their ability to provide two height levels that can complete most any job.  Tracked aerial lifts can reach heights of 60 to 82 feet.  At these heights, the trucks can be used for any tree task either in a residential setting or commercial.  The tracked aerial lifts also reach areas that other trucks might not be able to, which is another plus in a tree removal situation.  The next truck option would be one that is slightly lower in height than the tracked aerial lifts.  The aerial bucket truck can reach up to 60 feet in height and is often used for pruning jobs due to its impeccable versatility.  Next, an owner could consider the tree service equipment machine called a tree chipper.  Not only can tree chippers produce wood chips for gardening, but in larger jobs tree chippers can break down limbs on much larger logs which takes a big job and makes it a much smaller job.  Mini skid steers allow for the removal of large logs and can accommodate the branches, as well.

Other tree service equipment that an owner can consider are track machines for tough to reach areas such as fences and uphill locations, a crane truck, a tractor with a bucket and grapple function which is key in a larger job; such as at a park.  Once the major work is complete, an owner can look into sprucing up their landscape by using hedge trimmers, chain saws where necessary and perhaps a stump grinder if wood chips are required.

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