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Just when is a tree service needed? What are the advantages of a professional tree service? There are quite a few reasons home owners should call in a professional service when trimming or removing trees. Safety is the first advantage of hiring a professional. Correct trimming or removals are also reasons to call in professionals. Ensuring power lines are not obstructed is one more good reason to use a tree service. Read on to learn more information about the tree service professionals that can make your life easier and property safer.

Tree Service Professional Safety

Tree service professions know that trees take a beating from nature as the weather brings storms or insects that have invaded and made a tree unstable. Many who try to correct these problems themselves have been injured simply because they are not trained on how to address an unstable tree. Falling or being cut by a chainsaw are the main reasons one should call a professionals. Remember, whenever working on a project of any kind, safety should come first so you should take advantage of the safe practices of a tree service.

How to Find a Reputable Tree Service

Reputable tree services carry insurances and are bonded as well as licensed. This protects the home owner and the service company if an accident of any kind occurs. A slight miscalculation could bring a limb down in the wrong place. A smashed windshield or a hole in the roof would be covered as well as any injury that might occur as the unstable tree is dealt with. Do not be afraid to ask for proof of insurance and take the time to call their insurance company to confirm the tree service’s current policy coverage.

Be cautious about hiring a tree service that wants paid before the job is done or before they check out the trees to be addressed. A reputable tree service will give a free estimate and be willing to draw up a contract.

Keeping Trees and Improving Appearances

Many of the trees in your landscape are most likely pleasing to the eye and/or provide shade. Keeping these trees healthy may require bringing in a professional company that has an arborist on staff. They will be able to examine the tree(s) and tell you what nutrients they may need, how often pruning should be done and the general care of the tree(s). Limbing a tree can help prevent rips and tears in the bark that would invite disease or pests. Tree service specialists are often knowledgeable about what trees do best in different micro-environments as well. Professionals will also know to use ropes or an aerial lift to work on the upper parts of a tree rather than using climbing spikes. The spikes can cause considerable damage by piercing the cambium layer of the tree. A knowledgeable tree service professional will not harm the trees that you want left in your landscape.

​There are many advantages to using a licensed and bonded tree service. Beautifying your landscape, making the trees safe, improving the health of your trees and most of all, making it much safer to limb or eliminate a bad tree are all reasons to contact a company that specializes in taking care of trees.