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Trees Charlotte – Fostering the City’s Ultimate Natural Treasure

Committed to Preserving and Increasing Charlotte’s Most Valuable Natural Resource  

Traditionally known for gold mines and cotton mills, Charlotte has recently become identified with the natural beauty of its most spectacular feature – its tree canopy. Lately however, the canopy of this urban forest has been diminishing in the wake of modern development. Trees Charlotte was conceived from the need to counteract this trend. Dedicating itself to creating a strain of focused planting, restoration and education, the organization is devoted to preserving and restoring this most valued local treasure.

Metropolitan Forest 

Charlotte’s well deserved name “City of Trees”, was derived from years of wise selection to preserve, foster and increase Charlotte’s tree canopy. Unrivaled in the United States, Charlotte’s urban forest, to the benefit of all, remains one of the city’s most realized treasures.

Trees Charlotte: A Public and Private Collaboration 

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Trees Charlotte is a public and private collaboration, sustained primarily by the efforts of volunteers. Educating the residents of Charlotte on the value and necessity of the city’s canopy is paramount to its goals. Their efforts promote the planting and preservation of trees, stressing the many benefits to be gained. Clean air, storm water easement, reduced energy consumption, increased property values and natural beauty are just some of these. A vital tree canopy affords the city with streets that are cooler and more attractive parks, creating envy in cities all across the globe.

City Councils Bold Action 

The City Council realizes the fragile and depleting nature of its venerable urban forest and stresses the importance of preserving it. Rising to this occasion necessitates a goal of achieving 50% canopy coverage throughout the city. This will require the planting of approximately 500,000 trees by the year 2050. Trees Charlotte anticipates planting and giving out more than 4,000 trees within eighteen separate events during this season alone. This will be done in neighborhoods and at schools by providing over a thousand trees in at least two Citywide Tree Stores. The goal is to distribute between five-to seven-thousand seedlings. Reforesting thousands of plantings in natural areas is also part of this plan. Trees Charlotte’s civic engagement is an initiative unparalleled, hoping to create stronger neighborhoods within the community with its reforestation efforts.

Inspired Aspirations 

Trees Charlotte aerial analysis from 2008 reveals that there has been a three percent loss of tree canopy in a seven-year time span. Development, natural events and mortality are believed to be the major contributors to this demise. Realizing the need to preserve Charlotte’s most identifiable natural treasure inspired the City Council to adopt the 2011 community goal of fifty percent canopy. The aspiration is to achieve such by 2050. Accomplishing this was the reason Trees Charlotte was established as the objective’s primary engine. The fact that this calls for a comprehensive civic engagement was not lost on the City Council. Seeking results via community groups is the idea. Trees Charlotte desires to expand their canopy by creating awareness with volunteers from various groups.